Mindset freedom: less stress, measured in value terms as better sleep at night, better relationships with loved ones or colleagues or the ability to innovate and come up with fresh ideas.

Financial freedom: more money, measured in value terms as giving you more choice to spend or invest as you want to (e.g. upgrading vehicle in 12 months, buying a boat. taking a family holiday or purchasing an investment property or new plant or machinery).

Time freedom: the ability to work smarter not harder, measured in value terms as more time choice (e.g. a weekend away with the family, a guilt-free day off each month).

Basic Tax Returns

Do you have a payment summary's and a few deductions, then this if for you. Maybe you would like to get in & out or just drop off your things.

Basic From $130+

20-mins time perfect for young people
& basic wage earners

Tax Return

Do you have a few payment summaries and several deductions, couples with basic Tax Return needs may also be able to come in for just 30-minutes.

Normal From $130+

Great for Tradies, Teachers,
Truck Drivers etc

60 Min Session

A 60-minute appointment is great for couples, people with Rental Properties or Sole Traders. If you're not sure you can always call and ask for help, we're here to help.

Advanced From $180+

Couples, Rental Properties, Sole Traders
& small businesses clients


For any help to arrange your consultation or Tax Return, call or send us a message.

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