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legally-save-tax-week-4- Tidy up the house

End of Year adjustments to make saving by tax planning INVESTMENT PROPERTY DEPRECIATION If you own a rental property and haven’t already done so, arrange for the preparation of a Property Depreciation Report to allow you to claim the maximum amount of depreciation and building write-off deductions on your rental property. PRIVATE COMPANY (“DIV 7A”) LOANS Business owners who have borrowed funds from their company in previous years must ensure that the appropriate principal and interest repayments …

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LEGALLY SAVE TAX – Week 3 – Things you need to save you CASH!

Save Tax by using what you already have and need Saving on tax can be as simple as smart planning by utilising expenses that you’re already incurring or going to incur anyway. Having a better than average year, pull expenses into the 2018 Financial year. This also applies if you think sales and profit is down in 2018, push expense forward into next year where you’re legally allow to. TOOLS OF TRADE / FBT EXEMPT ITEMS The …

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