A faster way to get paid – with Xero invoicing

Xero online invoicing removes the limitations of using traditional paper invoices to get paid. Xero’s built-in online invoicing features let your business carry out the whole invoice process electronically. There are key tools for creating repeat invoices, taking online payments, tracking sales revenues and chasing up any late payments – all from inside Xero. Removing the hurdles to efficient invoicing The traditional way of raising invoices puts a whole bunch of hurdles in the way of your …

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Getting to know the Xero Dashboard

Getting to know the Xero DashboardThe Xero Dashboard is a one-stop hub for all your key financial information.The dashboard is where you’ll see what’s in your bank account, who’s paid your invoices, and which supplier bills are due for payment – all customisable to show you the important numbers and metrics you need to stay in control of your business accounts.The hub for your key numbersGetting to grips with your finances can be confusing. Xero’s approach is …

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You need a plan for your business!

‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’, as the saying goes. If you’re going to create an effective, successful and profitable business, you need to create a solid strategic plan Your business plan is the route map that defines your goals, explains your strategy and gives real direction to the everyday running of the company. So what should you include in your plan? 5 key elements to include in your business plan To create a truly robust and …

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