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  • Hold me accountable or else what?

    While many of us attended School and some possibly University or Tafe, however many of us simply didn’t get the assignment on what makes a good business and what makes a poor one. A great idea starts and people get inspired to take off and give it a go when starting out on their own. […]

  • Contractor or employee? Defining workers in the gig economy

    A former Foodora Australia delivery rider, Joshua Klooger, recently won an unfair dismissal claim despite a service agreement that classified him as an independent contractor. We explore the implications of the case.  Pivotal to the Fair Work Commission’s decisionwas the classification by Foodora of Mr Klooger as an independent contractor. The “Corporate Rider” was employed under […]

  • Do you love the Changes?

    You may have noticed a few changes to the navigation in Xero. Launched on 27 November 2018, these changes bring a more logical framework to the menus and are more in line with the way businesses use Xero. One of the most obvious updates is the split between business tools and accounting tools. The accounting […]

  • Want to Get Paid Faster

    Xero online invoicing – a faster way to get paidXero online invoicing removes the limitations of using traditional paper invoices to get paid.Xero’s built-in online invoicing features let your business carry out the whole invoice process electronically. There are key tools for creating repeat invoices, taking online payments, tracking sales revenues and chasing up any […]

  • Get more from Xero with your Chart of Accounts

    What is it? The chart of accounts is the list of all accounts your organisation can use to record your transactions in Xero. The Xero chart of accounts has a flat structure designed to suit a small business. Every account in your chart of accounts has several components and you can edit some components, and use […]

  • Xero makes getting loans simpler

    Business Loans and how to apply

    Applying for a business loan can be easy Need some extra cash to take your business to the next level, but daunted by the loan process? You’re not alone. There can be a lot of paperwork and number-crunching involved. Before you get started, remember that a bank wants your application to succeed as the interest […]