Are you a slave to your business?

Your business is there to serve you; not the other way around. In other words; you should never be a slave to your business. DO you find yourself on the never ending merry go round of business, day to day, week to week and before you know it months have passed and it feels like nothing is improving? Being a slave implies a victim mentality – that the world has simply dealt you a bad hand, that you …

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Tax Return file keeping sytems

New Year… More Deductions

The new financial year is here, and with a new financial year comes the familiar hustle and bustle of getting your paperwork together and lodging with a Business Edge Accountants. We know that lodging your tax returns with MYGOV can seem quick and painless, but it still has its downsides when half of the items you’ve claimed for Deductions turn out to be non-tax deductible or simply more often simply not claimed. For your ease of access …

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