HR Support is important now as it is ever

We take HR serious when it comes to our team, to keep them safe and on track. We have loved working with Linda at TotalHRM in Albury and understand that sometimes every business needs options. If you want amazing in person support and locals, TotalHRM is for you. We also utilise HappyHR to maintain our contracts and policies, but they also have a great helpline you can use when in need. If you feel like your in …

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More Marketing = More Profit?

Marketing is the be-all and end-all for too many small businesses? We see it all the time and all small businesses are bombarded by the latest and greatest silver bullet to take your business to the “next level”. Unfortunately, it seems all too often the sales teams are great at marketing their products and not yours. We have people come in and ask us all the time about how they should go about marketing, how can they …

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Accountants can help

Albury Tax Return

  Maximise your Tax Return this year with a local Qualified Tax Accountant We offer and utilise the latest in technology and software to ensure your Tax Return is done quickly and easily in a way you will understand. Read More Rewards Getting your Tax Return done with us can be rewarding, we offer incentives for referrals, some people get their Tax Return done for free. — Read More Advice Business Edge Accountants are more than just “bean …

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6 ways to measure the health of your business

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activity and lose sight of the big picture. Taking stock of the health of your business is important. Knowing where you allow for more effective planning, early warning about any issues, and the chance to better chart a course for success. Attending one of our 7 ways to grow your business seminars is a great start to work out how you can grow the …

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Going away… Out of Office replies count

I’m not a huge fan of auto-replies, but they can be a necessary evil and a godsend at times when used well. It’s probably the last thing you do before you head out of the office to enjoy your holiday, but here’s why you should take some time to create your out-of-office message. But to ensure that you can relax more and work less over the holiday break without upsetting too many, be sure to take a …

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