FBT 2016: 5 Things Every Business Should Know

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How do I know if I need to pay FBT? What is exempt from FBT? And what to be aware of come 1 April 2016.     The FBT rate increases from 47% to 49% from 1 April 2016. Employers need to take this new rate into account with current or new salary packages with employees. … Read more

Are you and your business ready for SuperStream? Deadline Approaching!


The new way of processing Superannuation Payments is almost here In its bid to streamline the processing of transaction for superannuation funds, the ATO has introduced SuperStream. The main aim of SuperStream is to ensure employer superannuation contributions are paid in a consistent, timely and efficient manner. The key component of SuperStream is that it … Read more

Give your Super a Boost, with an SMSF


An alternative way of building up your retirement savings. While most of us will hopefully accumulate enough superannuation throughout our working lives to have a comfortable retirement, many of us simply won’t have the funds there to splurge on something nice every now and then. What if we could tell you there’s a way to … Read more

Keep Your Family Wealth in Your “Bloodline”


Are you aware that if any of your children have a failed relationship, their share of your family wealth could end up going to another family? This is very serious. You work so hard to build up your family assets. But what if any of your children are in a relationship, inherited family wealth from … Read more

Thank You and our Holiday Office Hours

It is That time of year

Over the Christmas period, we’re taking a short break Business Edge Accountants wishes you and your families a safe, happy and wonderful time over the holidays and look forward to an amazing 2016 with you!  Our office will be closed from Wednesday 23rd of December and reopening on Monday 4th January 2016, with a skeleton … Read more

Steps to Success


What steps do you need to take to grow your business sale value? Business owners are always great at what they do. They know their business inside and out. But what happens when it’s time to sell your business? Do you have the results you need to justify the price you want? Most of the … Read more

Business Looking for Growth, Start with a Forecast


Success in today’s business climate sometimes requires you to push aside your passion for your business and spend time sorting out your finances – not a pleasant thought! But not to worry, we’re here to help. Did you realise that a major part of managing your finances can be taken care of using one very … Read more

Keeping your Business Alive with a Cash Flow Forecast


What’s your strategy to keep cash flowing through your business? High sales and consistent profits are great aspects to have in your business, but without cash rolling in regularly you won’t be able to pay your suppliers, staff, even yourself! Give yourself some security by preparing a Cash Flow Forecast for your business. What is … Read more