JobKeeper Tracking

Jobkeeper homework

We understand how hard it is to keep track of paying Employees, especially large teams, and working out who needs a top-up, who has or has not been paid enough to maintain JobKeeper eligibility. We’ve created this free Excel Template for you to track employees each fortnight simpler and easier for each fortnight. Part One … Read more

Complete Covid-19 Guide to Stimulus and support Measures as at 6th April 2020


Hang in there  We’ve designed this guide as a quick reference to the COVID-19 related tax and financial support that might be available to you. It’s quiet comprehensive, but care needs to be taken and you should consult your accountant when making decisions. The Government has flagged that more support is coming and we will keep … Read more

Seven Key Causes of Poor Cashflow – Cashflow in a Crisis


There has been no event like this ever before, and surviving in business with cash flow is going to be tough. We’re created this video to help business owners understand their current cash position and how they can make changes to extend out their War Chest to survive the current conditions. Cashflow is the process … Read more

HR Support is important now as it is ever


We take HR serious when it comes to our team, to keep them safe and on track. We have loved working with Linda at TotalHRM in Albury and understand that sometimes every business needs options. If you want amazing in person support and locals, TotalHRM is for you. We also utilise HappyHR to maintain our … Read more

Stimulus #2 – Bigger, better and far more impact


The Second $66.1 bn Stimulus Package: What You Need To Know The Government yesterday released a second, far-reaching $66.1 bn stimulus package that boosts income support payments, introduces targeted changes to the superannuation rules, provides cash flow support of up to $100,000 for small business employers, and relaxes corporate insolvency laws. The stimulus measures are … Read more

What is your Continuation Plan?


Today we put out our live video to help clients connect and take action to get their house in order. It’s important to get off on the right foot, “Most people aim at nothing – and they hit it with alarming accuracy.” The Business Edge Accountants team are here during these difficult times to support and … Read more

Get more time back with Hubdoc and new habits


Hubdoc is like a digital filing cabinet for all your invoices and receipts. But, it’s better than a filing cabinet because you can access it, or send information into this filing cabinet from anywhere in the world. With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use. … Read more

Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty now law


The long-awaited superannuation guarantee amnesty passed Parliament late last month. Employers who have fallen behind with their SG payments now have 6 months to ‘self-correct’ under the amnesty. But, with the amnesty comes additional penalties if employers fail to take advantage of this one-off opportunity. The Bill containing the one-off superannuation guarantee (SG) amnesty has … Read more

Single Touch Payroll – options for late adopters


Small employers were required to transition to reporting through STP by 30 September 2019. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses are yet to register and are on the ATO’s radar. If any clients who have not yet commenced using STP the ATO has provided some guidance for these taxpayers encouraging them to contact the ATO … Read more