Accountants at Henty Machinery Field Days

Business Edge Accountants at Henty Field Days
Business Edge Accountants at Henty Field Days

You never know what you might find at the Henty Machinery Field Days, including some of your local friendly Business Edge Accountants from Albury. We were there for all three days and enjoyed it all, taking it all in from sunny Tuesday to the rain on Thursday. We used this time as an opportunity to meet plenty of our current clients and potential new clients, but also help a few people get some understanding to some basic questions about their situation.

We’ve got some exciting new opportunities coming up and currently running an opportunity for all our current and new client who sign up, to get free access to QuickBooks Online. As long as they remain as Clients with us and join up before Christmas, we will cover the cost for you for the premium version of QuickBooks Online, valued at $35 per month. That’s $420 worth per year savings passed directly on to you.

Not sure if QuickBooks Online is for you, we have found that QuickBooks Online is made for people and not Accountants, which makes it simple and easy to use for your small business. One of our clients recently made he switch, Mary & Ross from Ross Walker Transport said “in one visit to their office I was up and running, so much quicker and cheaper than what I was doing with my old software.” This is just one example of a client that has made the switch and found it so much simpler and easier than before.

QuickBooks Online also prepared a separate survey to find that many more people found it simple and quick to get their work done. They used Quickbooks_Pro Advisor web an independent third party research company that was commissioned by Intuit. They surveyed Australian small businesses who had never used QuickBooks Online or Xero to perform a series of business critical tasks. The study measured ease, confidence, time to complete various tasks, the appeal of the look and feel and overall experience.

Why not come in and get a free quote for you to make the switch and look to simplify your life and get your weekend back now, with Business Edge Accountants.