Business Sale

Building up your business can be a tough and timely task, sometimes taking your entire lifetime. So when the time comes to selling your business, it should be rewarding. But the complexity of the process can make this point of the businesses life cycle quiet difficult and stressful. Sometimes owners can end up feeling disappointed that their sale price is well below what they hoped and it can be tough letting go.

Organising succession plan and a professional sale solution will help identify the true worth of your business and look to optimize the operations for sale well before the sale date. This helps develop a plan to take your business to a position that will help get it ready for the market. We will also help setup an introduction to liaison with suitable business brokers and services to help with negotiating sale.

shutterstock_117285856There is many option and many different alternatives to get your business out on-market. It’s important to look and consider all the different options like, staff buyouts, venture capital investment and competitive partnering. The one key aspect is to ensure the successful handover of your business and security of staffs employment, this is why a succession plan as part of the sale negotiations can be an important part of the process.

This is an important time a the end of the business life cycle, don’t leave it to chance just before the finish line! Partner with Business Edge Accountant at this critical time to receive the maximum return for the hard work you put into building your business.