Fixed Pricing

Our Price and Payment Arrangements

Get PaidOption 1 – Hourly Rates

As you are aware, our tax deductible price is based on the time required to complete your work plus any direct out of pocket expenses. The hourly charge rates vary, depending upon the level of experience of the team member involved.

Our charge rates are reviewed annually and may increase over time. We provide our service to you cost effectively by assigning the appropriate level team member to your work. We always review the time taken on assignments and the price of our services.

 Option 2 – Fixed Price Agreement

Many of our clients prefer to have some certainty in budgeting for their annual accounting costs, and to best facilitate this we can agree on a fixed price for the year to cover the accounting services you require.

Once we have a detailed understanding of the exact services you require, we can then prepare a draft Fixed Price Agreement for our services. This annual amount would be payable on a monthly basis. Our Invoices are payable within 14 days of issue or you may prefer to establish a payment authority with your bank.  This will allow you to plan for this cost.

In the event that any additional matters arise throughout the year beyond these normal arrangements we will raise these with you and discuss the price involved. This will be our responsibility and we will address this before we undertake any significant part of the work.  In this way you have certainty of your position.