Stars of the Border – kicking goals & learning to dance…

I made it, to my first goal of $3,000, a massive thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement so far. As always, onward and upward to the next goal of $5,000. Cant stop short with a few weeks to go, we can work towards the end to raise more for this great cause. While the events have started to wind down, we‘re still open for teams to play the Escape Room Battle as one of my Fundraisers, just book in and mention you’re entering the battle for your business or team.

Some people have been asking what is it… well it’s… local celebrities, Business Owners, and personalities from your area as they strap on their dancing shoes to raise vital funds for people affected by cancer. Prizes are awarded on the night as we dance in front of 500 people at Albury Entertainment Center and could be awarded for Judges’ Choice, People’s Choice, and Highest Fundraiser(this is where you come in 😉).

So we’re in full swing with dance practice and getting those steps down 100%. My dance teacher Holly has been amazing and putting in the real hard work trying to get my feet moving and arms swinging in the right order. Our dance is a combination of Jazz Cabarete and I can’t wait to get out there and perform on the 20th of May. Learning a new skill is hard, but the results will pay off and on the plus side I might be able to say I can dance… finally. 😊

As a whole group, we also do a big dance together, that dance is coming along great too. Plus as a whole, the Stars of the Border has already raised over $70k, an amazing group effort that is great for the community. The funds raised go towards locals gaining access to help and support in their time of need. The Dance for Cancer event runs all over and as a whole for 2022 so far has 235 dancers, that have raised over $1.6Million dollars for the Cancer Council!!! That is amazing! With 1 in 2 Australians diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, the money raised goes towards Cancer Council NSW and their world-class cancer research, prevention programs, advocacy, and support services to help those affected by cancer at every point in their journey.

We understand many are doing it tough at the moment, but we really do appreciate all the generosity to attend events and support us in our efforts to raise as much as possible.

Please donate here to help me work toward my goal