Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO is our TOP TIER service and suits businesses who want the services of a part time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This service will seriously challenge your business to move to the next level.

You will be provided with top-shelf financial advice to help you achieve your dreams for your business! We have helped many high net wealth and many high profile clients and we have challenged the way our clients think about their business. Through our Virtual CFO package, we become part of your strategic team and effectively sit on your board as your part time financial controller.

Virtual CFO suits those business owners who want business and financial planning advice, financial and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) monitoring, regular contact and management consulting. We start with a Strategic Plan and develop an understanding and appreciation of your personal and business goals. Then we prepare a 5 year financial plan to take you there.

We will regularly monitor and report to you on the performance of your business and we will provide you with advice and suggestions to make the right business decisions.

What you can expect from Business Edge Accountants CFO

  • Proactive business advice every month
  • Annual Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Annual Cash Flow Forecast & Profit Plan
  • Peace of mind that all your annual taxation and GST requirements will be taken care of
  • We will complete your:
    • Annual Financial Statements
    • Income Tax Returns
    • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
    • Tax Administration (Tax Assessments and reminders)
  • Annual Tax Planning Review, Annual Business and Personal Needs Analysis
  • Business Performance Health Check
  • Establish and review KPI’s each month as part of month Board Meeting
  • Regular Management Reports to assist with managing your tax payments, budget and cash flow
  • Regular e-mail updates with advice to keep you informed of relevant tax and business issues
  • Online Accounting Software