We’re helping young people in need

The Business Edge team have been living, working and supporting the local people, businesses and community for over 25 years and we proudly sponsor various community and sporting groups.

We are especially proud to join with Junction Support Services during Homelessness Week, 6-12 August, to assist young people in our community who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

An award winning local not-for-profit organisation, Junction assisted more than 550 people of all ages who were experiencing or at risk of homelessness across north-east Victoria in 2016-17.

At Business Edge, we were especially moved by the plight of young people who find themselves at risk of homelessness – often because they are escaping family violence or simply because of the cards they have been dealt by life.

So, we are proud to donate proceeds from our Track Your Business to Success seminars to Junction to support young people who are experiencing homelessness.

The donation will be used by the Youth Team at Junction Support Services to assist young people in need across north-east Victoria with crisis accommodation and other support.

Zach, a youth worker with Junction who visited us to talk about youth homelessness, said most people were vulnerable to homelessness.

“All it takes is one major life event such as a car accident, illness or a sick child and it becomes hard to pay the mortgage or rent. Homelessness can happen to any of us,” he said.

“On behalf of all of us at Junction and our young clients I thank you Business Edge for helping some of the most vulnerable young people in our community.”

Zach from Junction Support Services and Celeste Peirce From Business Edge Accountants