MEasure your success

Why Attend this Session

Join the Business Edge Team at this Webinar to understand the steps you need to take to make better decisions in your business now and for 2020. This Webinar will be held on December 17th at 12pm. 

If you’re not tracking it you can’t measure it, how can you improve it?
Our Webinar will deepen your understanding of Key numbers in your business, and leave you with a plan to start tracking your business to success! We will help show you how to extract the data from Xero and help guide you to make the most of the reports at your finger tips.

The Benefits of Attending:

    • Simple to Expert, understand your Xero Reports
    • Understand what your key numbers are
    • Turn your key performance numbers and your dashboard into your Kpi happy place
    • The reports you should be running regularly
    • How to customise the report layout
    • What tracking is and how to use it when reporting
    • How to create a budget within Xero
    • How to track your actual results vs your budget

Discover how you can unleash your business’s full potential

    • Do you know exactly what you want from your business?
    • Is your business reaching its true potential

While This session will utilise Xero and Xero reporting, you may still like to attend to learn some insights into what reports you can potentially pull from your software and how to utilise them and make the most of the information you have to make a better decision in 2020. This could also be a great way to check out the reporting power of  Xero if you have been sitting on the fence and wondering why everyone is changing to the Xero platform. 

Xero Training Sessions

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Come Along and learn more about getting your STP and payroll issues sorted. 

Celeste is more than just a presenter or accountant, she is a Certified Trainer.


Your in a room with like-minded business owners who want the same thing as you, an explosive 2019! By getting to know others in our business community you can leverage their experience to collaborate, support, make new friends and of course have some fun! Its like having your own cheers squad!

Best Practice

We're going to be bringing the best practice technic's to our sessions so you can grow your business andsave time.

Support Team

We love our business community and know that our support is a game changer to so many businesses. We are here for you. We see you.

The Organisers

Celeste Peirce

"There is much to be said for writing our plans down for the future and having one for every business is imperative to its success. The second part of the puzzle is the accountability piece, having someone there to keep you on track that truly believes in you and your dreams!"

Clayton Wood

Getting your house in order with a business plan will ensure you're always on the right track. I love the feeling you get when hitting my goals and consistently growing my businesses and myself. I think our new Planning 4 Success program is what every micro and small business needs to get on the right foot.



We run various seminars to help small businesses grow and succeed. Our seminars are designed so that you have some real takeaways you can action or implement in real life.

What our Attendees have to say!

“Thanks for your insights today. The session sparked many ideas that I could pursue to grow my business. I’ll shortlist them, and I have committed to taking MASSIVE action in a few key areas.”

Fiona, 7 Ways to Grow Your Business

“Thanks for a great training opportunity. Always helpful to stimulate some bigger picture thinking and relook at how things could be done better. Great trainers and a warm and encouraging atmosphere.”


“Thanks for sharing your insights, knowledge and the KPI ideas list. I think that is going to help me think differently when it comes to tracking things in my business. “

Fiona, KPI Seminar