Do you love the Changes?

You may have noticed a few changes to the navigation in Xero.

Launched on 27 November 2018, these changes bring a more logical framework to the menus and are more in line with the way businesses use Xero. One of the most obvious updates is the split between business tools and accounting tools. The accounting tools include financial reports and compliance functions that are more commonly used by accountants and bookkeepers.

The business menu holds all the tools that you use every day such as invoices, and expenses. Some of the names have changed too. Inventory is now called Products and services to better describe the information that’s recorded there. While a few things have moved, the new way things are organised makes it simpler and faster to find the tools you need. Plus there are some useful additional shortcuts you can use.

Here’s why we think you’ll love the new navigation as much as us:

It’s intuitive

Our customers and our partners will know whose tools belong to who, as we’ve organised groups logically around both the daily tasks of small business owners and the accounting or compliance tasks of a bookkeeper or accountant.

It’s efficient

You’ll spend less time navigating to features you use often, and less time clicking and backtracking to find what you need.

It’s adaptable

The navigation can adapt to suit different user roles and subscriptions. Plus, it’s now easier for Xero to add, update and remove labels to keep up with your future needs.

It’s human

We’ve ditched the jargon and replaced it with human wording, making it simpler to find what you’re looking for and simpler to complete tasks.

Being adaptable means that we can continue to learn and tailor the navigation experience to our partners’ and small business customers’ needs, while keeping it simple to understand and operate. We think you’ll find that it’ll be faster and easier to get to know and use.

We can take you through these changes and help you set things up so you get better access to your most used tools. In fact, if you already had favourites set up before the update to the navigation update, they’ll be there.

We look forward to answering your questions.