Is your Team Engaged? How do you keep them happy and keep up performance?

Only 15% of the world’s workers are engaged and reaching their full potential at work, according to research by Gallup. Increasing that engagement is a key aim for many business owners.

No single factor can improve the engagement levels of your staff, but offering a varied and valuable package of employee benefits, and an attractive reward package, can go a long way to enhancing the motivation and productivity of your company’s workforce.

Keeping your employees happy and engaged

Happy employees are 12% more productive, says research by the University of Warwick in the UK. And offering the right benefits package is a key way to put a smile on your team’s faces.

To push up those engagement levels:

  • Review your benefits package – the benefits you offer must fit the motivations, needs and lifestyles of your people. So take the time to regularly review the benefits you offer and ensure you’re offering a varied and flexible range of employee benefits.
  • Don’t focus solely on money – cash-based rewards can work well for some employees, but don’t just offer financial benefits. Other benefits could include a cycle-to-work scheme, childcare vouchers or access to medical and dental insurance.
  • Make life easier for staff – the working week is hard work for many of us, so look at benefits that make life easier for your staff. Offering a creche facility will help working parents, and flexible working may benefit employees who are carers.
  • Tailor your benefits – no two employees are the same, so it’s important to offer a benefits package that can be customised to the specific needs of each person. With a bespoke benefits package, your people will be happier and more efficient as a result.

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