We love a good podcast, what about you?

Downtime is a fact of life and the mental break can be a good thing. But sometimes you get stuck doing nothing when your mind’s ready to work. Thanks to podcasts, you can use that time to get tips on e-commerce, filing taxes, how to do market research or even launching a crowdfunding campaign.

We find you can always be connected with many tools these days, but we love a good podcast. They can really work well to educate and inspire you to new levels. If you’re looking for something more to get you in the mood for the day or get more out of business, look for a great podcast.

Getting started with podcasts is simple. You just need your smartphone. Listen on dedicated podcast apps, or on platforms like Soundcloud or Spotify. You’ll be able to explore different subject categories and topics and get recommendations.

When you find a podcast that you like, you can subscribe for free. Future episodes will download automatically. Studies show that podcast listeners are more educated, more tech-savvy and more wealthy. Which just goes to show, it’s a smart way to use your downtime. So, download some free business advice and see what you learn.

Podcasts are made all over the world, with several great ones made here locally in Albury Wodonga.