Xero makes getting loans simpler

Business Loans and how to apply

Applying for a business loan can be easy Need some extra cash to take your business to the next level, but daunted by the loan process? You’re not alone. There can be a lot of paperwork and number-crunching involved. Before you get started, remember that a bank wants your application to succeed as the interest you pay is a vital revenue stream to them. So it’s up to you to make their job easy by turning up …

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Every Ending had a Beginning

Your Succession Plan and where you should begin You’ll leave or sell your business someday, so how do you make sure it’s on the best possible terms? Here’s our advice… What is a succession plan? It’s a plan for the exit of yourself from your business, it’s where you will decide how and when you will exit and one of the most excruciating decisions – who will be your successor. Executing a well-thought-out succession plan can increase your …

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Key Elements to Business Growth

Business Growth and the Key Elements When you’re a small business it is vital that you step back to see the full picture of your business. Why do you ask? Stepping back will help you make informed decisions on what changes and improvements are needed to drive business growth and performance. Did you know that there is a range of tools that can assist you in this vital step? At Business Edge we use a range of …

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It’s not about the convenience, it’s about your security.

It’s not about the convenience, it’s about your security. Xero’s new two-step authentication Working with our clients recently there were a lot of questions around Xero’s introduction of two-step authentication (2SA) and how it’s another thing to do in your business. When talking this through with clients I explain how this is just another example of how serious Xero takes on their role as custodians of our data. In my eyes, this is just another example of why I love …

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The Evolution of the Modern Day Accountant

As an industry, we are going through a change in response to compliance automation, tax simplification and an increasing demand from clients for more proactive services.  So what does this mean for our clients at Business Edge Accountants? It means we are more focused on delivering business development services by getting up close and personal with our business clients to deliver more value to them and their businesses. The evolution in business development services is needed in three areas: …

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