Going away… Out of Office replies count

I’m not a huge fan of auto-replies, but they can be a necessary evil and a godsend at times when used well. It’s probably the last thing you do before you head out of the office to enjoy your holiday, but here’s why you should take some time to create your out-of-office message. But to … Read more

Contractor or employee? Defining workers in the gig economy


A former Foodora Australia delivery rider, Joshua Klooger, recently won an unfair dismissal claim despite a service agreement that classified him as an independent contractor. We explore the implications of the case.  Pivotal to the Fair Work Commission’s decisionwas the classification by Foodora of Mr Klooger as an independent contractor. The “Corporate Rider” was employed under … Read more

Want to Get Paid Faster


Xero online invoicing – a faster way to get paidXero online invoicing removes the limitations of using traditional paper invoices to get paid.Xero’s built-in online invoicing features let your business carry out the whole invoice process electronically. There are key tools for creating repeat invoices, taking online payments, tracking sales revenues and chasing up any … Read more