Self-Education Deductions: A Comprehensive Guide for Australian Taxpayers

Sefl Education Expenses

Navigating the landscape of self-education expenses can be challenging, especially when trying to determine what is deductible on your tax return. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has provided guidelines on this subject, and in this article, we’ll break it down for you. 1. Basic Principle: Relevance to Current Employment If your studies relate directly to … Read more

The New ‘Airbnb’ Tax for Investors and Rental Property Owners

The winds of change are blowing for property investors in the realm of short-term rentals. If you’ve capitalized on the short-term rental trend or have been keeping your properties vacant, there’s an upcoming tax shakeup that’s worth your attention. The Victorian Government has recently announced Australia’s premier short-stay property tax, set to come into effect … Read more

Electrify Your Business with a $20k Deduction! ⚡💼


Want to give your business an energy-efficient boost? Read on to find out how! 🌍 The Future is Electric Gone are the days of gas and fossil fuels. The spotlight is now on electricity and energy efficiency. The government has introduced an incentive to help businesses shift towards cleaner energy solutions. 💰 What’s the Deal? … Read more