More Marketing = More Profit?

Marketing is the be-all and end-all for too many small businesses? We see it all the time and all small businesses are bombarded by the latest and greatest silver bullet to take your business to the “next level”. Unfortunately, it seems all too often the sales teams are great at marketing their products and not … Read more

What happened with the ‘day one’ manifesto at Amazon

In the early days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos became famous for the philosophy he described to shareholders. He called it ‘Day one’. The idea took hold that if the people in an organisation acted like it was day 1 in the job, they were more likely to stay truly focussed on customers, and driven by … Read more

maximise your business on the phone with amazing customer experience


Growing your business and team can be hard, not just the numbers but also to improve the team. Creating a policy around the best what to talk and answer the phone, sounds simple, but it can make a massive difference to the customers experience and how they both start and end the first or last … Read more

Do you have a client scheduling procedure?


It’s important to be prompt and organised when scheduling appointments, as your clients need to feel important and valued. Having a process and plan to make sure this is happening correctly in your business is essential. 1. Administrator reviews appointments first thing each day. Your first appointment may be at 9am, so you need to … Read more

Company profit and dividends can be a part of your wealth strategy


As the director in a limited company, dividend payments are the usual way for you to take money out of the company – and see a financial return on your investment into the company. Dividends are payments made to the company’s shareholders when the business has made a profit. What’s not re-invested into the company … Read more

Is your Team Engaged? How do you keep them happy and keep up performance?


Only 15% of the world’s workers are engaged and reaching their full potential at work, according to research by Gallup. Increasing that engagement is a key aim for many business owners. No single factor can improve the engagement levels of your staff, but offering a varied and valuable package of employee benefits, and an attractive … Read more

You might not get it, but it can make a massive difference at tax time


Cash vs Accrual Accounting – It’s All About Timing While your accountant may have selected the option for you, you may like to change it or take advantage of it at different times.  What’s the difference between cash and accrual accounting? Cash accounting is all about money in and out. Accrual accounting is all about … Read more

Getting Paid – Debt Collection Tips


It goes without saying that a business needs cash flow to keep operating.  If too many customers forget, delay or refuse to pay, your business could end up in serious trouble! If you’re having trouble, you need to act now and look to make some changes, and keep them in place and on task. Debt … Read more