HR Support is important now as it is ever

We take HR serious when it comes to our team, to keep them safe and on track. We have loved working with Linda at TotalHRM in Albury and understand that sometimes every business needs options. If you want amazing in person support and locals, TotalHRM is for you. We also utilise HappyHR to maintain our contracts and policies, but they also have a great helpline you can use when in need.

If you feel like your in need of support and advice please send a through an email to this email address to connect with happyHR: [email protected]

This email is not for everyone, so let them know that Business Edge Accountants provided it.

They can then schedule in a call with you and with Chris, their CEO to best help manage your questions. I want to stress as I have in the past done this myself. This is not a lead generation tool for us, we simply want to provide you and your friends with the support they need during this difficult time.

It is super important to the whole Happy HR team that they demonstrate support to you during this crucial time. I can’t stress it enough, they’re here for you and are making time available to answer any HR related questions that come your way

This point is especially important to the team at HappyHR, as they want to show you the best level of support and see real value if you sign up.

It’s easy to work with the HappyHR team at this time of Crisis and ongoing. Email above and they will contact you either through phone or email to organise a time to chat with Chris to have your questions answered. This is preferred as we can discuss these sensitive issues direct with the individual and get all the information we need from you in the call to give you the best possible advice specific to your circumstances. Where possible please provide a contact number.

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