Stuck in lock down? How about a free course…

If you’re looking for something to do, why not upskill yourself?

We might be accountants and we do love free stuff, it’s important to always take stock of your most valuable item, time. You cannot make more or get any back, so it’s important to use it as best you can. Connect with friends, family, finish off a project or start one, or learn a new skill.

There are a dozen starting points you can get started on now for free. The list of courses made by the big company’s many people use including us, I’m sure this list could be bigger and would love you to add more in the comments..

While the above can be a great start on specific topics or tools you might use. Sometimes you need to understand how and why on these tools. If you’re looking for a how and why in just about anything, I recommend looking at MOOC’s – (Massive online open courses). Many have free courses and content, sometimes created by pro’s which you can work on and pay for on completion if you really want the certificate.


Coursea -some free and some have a subscription attached.

free options

While free can sound good, sometimes you pay for what you get. However, when some of the courses provide all the content and learnings without the certificate, it could be what gets you a leg up in your business or job.

If you’ve always wanted to look at a new career, hobby or general interest these course options provide a great place to start.